Avara, CPhI 2017, Frankfurt

Avara, CPhI 2017, Frankfurt


Avara Pharmaceutical Services


24 October 2017


Peninsula Booth under 50 m²


Avara Pharmaceutical Services is an internationally successful manufacturer of pharmaceutical materials and medical device packaging.


The booth design should vividly illustrate the global network and seamless supply chain of Avara’s pharmaceutical products.


The company’s international locations are portrayed on a three-dimensional world map made of Perspex. Due to the simplicity of the booth design, the effect is particularly eye-catching and is enhanced using LEDs that give the map a special glow.

Messestand Avara CPhI 1 1

Messestand Avara CPhI 2 1

Messestand Avara CPhI 3 1

Messestand Avara CPhI 4 1

Avara, CPhI 2017: Design © That’s Nice, used with permission