Borbet, Reifen 2016, Essen

Borbet, Reifen 2016, Essen




24 May 2016


Peninsula Booth over 100 m²


As a manufacturer of light-alloy wheels the family-owned company Borbet is a global partner for customers in the automotive industry and retailers.
Borbet’s product range includes more than 2,000 different wheel types, designs, and sizes.


Borbet requested a booth that allowed for the presentation of as many products as possible
without being overwhelming. The design should be efficient and provide maximum flexibility, so that the booth elements in different areas can be reused.


Four brackets provide a high-quality presentation area for the alloy wheels and it creates a floating effect. Spotlights integrated into these brackets lift the wheels even more, making them look truly extraordinary. The modular design also enables flexible handling and configuration of the exhibition booth.

Messestand Borbet Reifen 1 1

Messestand Borbet Reifen 2 1

Messestand Borbet Reifen 3 1

Borbet, Reifen 2016: Design © CHRITTO, used with permission