Hill-Rom, Medica 2013, Dusseldorf

Hill-Rom, Medica 2013, Dusseldorf




20 November 2013


over 100 m² Island booth


Hill-Rom offers a wide range of modern care solutions such as hospital and nursing beds, therapy pads, or patient positioning and patient transfer solutions. The medical technology company is active in more than 100 countries and employs around 10,000 people.


A two level, variable booth should be developed, which is easy to handle and can also be used at other trade fairs. The aim is to create a modern design that highlights all aspects of the healthcare products.


The outline of the booth resembles the pill-shaped logo of Hill-Rom which ensures quick recognition of the brand. The modular booth allows the flexible use of three different themed rooms, which clearly illustrates the functionality of the hospital and nursing beds as well as the transport solutions.

Messestand HillRom Medica 1 2

Messestand HillRom Medica 2 2

Messestand HillRom Medica 3 2

Messestand HillRom Medica 4 3

Hill-Rom, Medica 2013: Design © Prokaki, used with permission